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Various Artist Albums

"Punk Rock Vol.1"

1. Carter Peace Mission -Exchanged
2. Carter Peace Mission -TKO From Tokyo
3. Carter Peace Mission -Syphilis
4. Carter Peace Mission -The Way We Were
5. Veteran Flashbax -Beaten Path
6. Veteran Flashbax -Sheep
7. Veteran Flashbax -Enemy
8. Veteran Flashbax -13 Stars
9. Veteran Flashbax -Change
10. Veteran Flashbax -VF
11. Throw Downs -Cross The Bridge
12. Throw Downs -Naked Eyes
13. Throw Downs -Second Chance
14. Throw Downs -Drinkin'
15. Throw Downs -Poverty
16. Belvedere -Broken Pedestal
17. Belvedere -Phobias
18. Belvedere -High Priced
19. Belvedere -Facts Of Life

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"Punk Rock Vol.2"

1. Darling Daizy -The Wrong Side
2. Darling Daizy -Smiling
3. Darling Daizy -Everything I Touch Turns To Shit
4. Darling Daizy -Springbrake
5. Monkey Pirates -Holiday
6. Monkey Pirates -Dive Into The Fear
7. Monkey Pirates -Toragahoerutoki
8. Monkey Pirates -Terry Cobra
9. Monkey Pirates -Stubborn Head
10. Monkey Pirates -Slipshod Boy
11. Shift-D -United We Stand
12. Shift-D -New Jersey Girl
13. Shift-D -Time To Leave
14. Shift-D -Sweet November
15. Shift-D -Go Away
16. Bigwheel -Deathbed
17. Bigwheel -May First
18. Bigwheel -Twinkie Stones
19. Bigwheel -Keychain
20. Bigwheel -Dan Duckk
21. Throw Downs -I Hate Myself, But I Hate You More
22. Throw Downs -Day To Day
23. Throw Downs -Listen To Me
24. Throw Downs -Just Because

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"The Unpunk Album"

1. Throw Downs -Hang My Head
2. Veteran Flashbox -Propaganda
3. Wavepool -Was It Me
4. Rhythm Collision -Red Champagne
5. Ferd Mert -Square Peg In A Round Hole
6. Junior -Davie's Watch
7. Carter Peace Mission -TKO From Tokyo
8. 4 Knuckle Sam -Armchair Quarterback
9. Simon Stinger -Hollywood High
10. Pulley -Seain' Different
11. Manner Farm -Svein Is Retarded
12. Stinkaholic -Don't Be Late
13. White Trash Debutantes -Ms. Jane
14. Bitchslap -Take The Blame
15. Chuck -No Reason
16. Brainsick -Novocaine
17. Tripwire -Better Than You
18. Willis -We're Not Gonna Take It

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