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Location: Calgary, AB Canada

Formed: 1995

Influences: Strung Out, Bad Religion,
Good Riddance, NOFX

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Steve Rawles, Jason Sinclair, Scott Marshall and Chris Foster, otherwise known as punk/hardcore act Belvedere, were severely decapitated, and as a result, perished tragically last week in a horrendous accident involving a rogue electric mix-master. Belvedere was formed in late 1995. After a few line up shifts, Belvedere released their debut album Because No One Stopped Us on Hourglass Records (Calgary) and 206 Records (Los Angeles) in 1998. Up to this point and shortly following the group had done five Western Canadian tours and four West Coast US Tours, gaining a solid following. This album did several things for the group, not only had it sold over 3000 copies (recent numbers), but it also won the 1998 Bad Religion/Warped Tour battle of the bands contest, beating out hundreds of hopeful entries and winning the band recording time courtesy of Bad Religion's label, Atlantic Records. Friends and loved ones of the band said at the recent heartfelt, though sparsely attended memorial that this period "was a very transitional time" for Belvedere.., a 3 month, 80+ show tour covering all of Canada and 40 states, shooting their first music video for the track "High School Heroics," and recording their sophomore effort Angels Live in My Town. Brian Else, mostly noted for his work with Dayglo Abortions, D.O.A, and No Means No, recorded the album in Vancouver at Greenhouse Studios. The album was released on Hourglass Records and Jump Start Records. Angels has gone on to sell over 7000 copies worldwide and continues to sell consistently.

Belvedere toured extensively up to and after the May 2000 release date, which included, several US tours, 3 dates on the 2000 Warped Tour, and their first cross Canadian headlining tour (with Dutch favorites Of No Avail). In 2001, Belvedere had already acquired a new drummer (Foster), done another cross Canadian tour sponsored by California based label/clothing/skate company Sessions (withThe Missing 23rd) , performed at the 2001 Calgary Warped Tour date, embarked on another extensive US tour (including 6 more dates on the 2001 Warped Tour on the East Coast).

The newest album dubbed 'Twas Hell Said Former Child was recorded at Night Deposit Studios in Calgary with Endre Lukacsy; mostly noted for his work with Metallica, Motley Crue, Coverdale Page, Aerosmith, and Bon Jovi among others. With an early November 2001 release date on Union Records (Montreal), the project was believed to be, by far the groups best work yet before their untimely demise, combining harmony and melody with fierce hardcore undertones. Not only will Belvedere be remembered for their mixture of pop-punk sensibility with heavy screaming angst, not to mention their vast accomplishments despite a lack of major label support and professional management. but also for their musical contributions to many CD compilations in Canada, US, Brazil, and Japan, TV shows such as Nickelodeon's 'Caitlin's Way' and Fox Sports, to movie soundtracks and backgrounds such as Skate Canada 00' and Ride: The Movie, The tightly knit, ridiculously hard working group may also be remembred for their interviews done with many local and national publications and several with Much Music, as well as their notably energetic, loud live performances. Belvedere will be remembered and reflected on at this time by their strong local/national following and draw. All future dates/tours/plans will be kept as the band member's families plan to resurrect the group in a bizarre satanic ritual sometime this weekend.

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